Friday, June 3, 2011

A reprieve from the heat

So my 10 miler didn't go so well.  I only did 5 because it was just miserable out.  75 degrees at 6am and at least 80% humidity.  Anyone in the south who reads this blog, feel free to call me a big wuss, but seriously, it was terrible.  I called it quits after 5 miles and went home totally ashamed of myself.  It bothered me all morning, so just before noon I decided that I was going to such it up and do the other 5 miles I had bailed on, even though it was now hotter AND I'd have to bring the jogging stroller.  Amazingly, it went really well!  Yes, it was hotter and I was pushing the jogger (thankfully only the single this time), but there was a nice breeze and I think the humidity had fallen a little.  Charlie sang in the jogger for most of the time and only got antsy at the very end, and it wasn't a bad run at all!  Faster than my morning run, and quite a bit more pleasant.  And I do love the occasional run with the jogger.  My kids are pretty fun to run with, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little boost from the "supermom" and "you go girl!" comments that I get from people when I run past.

I was supposed to do 14 miles tomorrow for my long run for the week,  but there's an event at the lululemon showroom that I want to go to, so I talked the hubby into giving me the green light to go out and do it this morning instead.  This meant I had to be out the door at 5:30am in order to be back not too long after 8am, but truthfully, I kind of like being up that early.  It was still dark at 5am and I got to see a glorious pink sky as I ran up the hill to the reservoir.  I did 3.5 laps around the lower cinder track, then 4 laps around the upper loop, then another 3 around the bottom, and 3 around the top before I headed for home.  The lower loop is hilly (the jury is still out on the best way to run it - I ran counter-clockwise today) and almost a half mile longer, while the upper loop is totally flat, and splitting the run up so that I was doing a little of each really helped stave off the boredom, and I think doing the hills and flats isn't a bad thing.  It was around 47 degrees when I went out this morning, in long sleeves and capris, and it was just glorious.  It was the perfect temperature for a long run, perfect weather, and just all around awesome.

Part of this event at the lululemon showroom tomorrow is that we get to test drive some shoes on a 3 mile run, and I'm looking forward to that.  Someone is bringing a bunch of pairs of Brooks shoes for us to try out on the run and I think that'll be kind of cool.  I'm going to be needing new shoes in another month or so, so trying out a different kind of shoe will be interesting.  I've been wearing Nike Motos pretty much the whole time I've been running, but I wouldn't mind branching out a bit.  I need a stability shoe because my gait is all kinds of wonky and I wonder if something else might not be even MORE stable for me than the Nikes are.